ሂድ ወደላይ

ሳልቶ ላ ጃልዳ (እግር ጉዞ እና ዋና)


An extreme adventure to the higher waterfall of the Caribbean. Come with locals hiking or Horse riding to the Waterfall. Learning about the real Dominican lifestyle of the forest. Visiting the biggest plantations of Cacao trees forest in the Dominican Republic and learning about this story with Natives Tour guides.

When you book this trip you are supporting Families from Magua, Sabana de la Mar Comunity. Where there are not tourists all around the year. Money stays with these locals.


እባክዎ ለጉብኝቱ ቀን ይምረጡ 


The highest Waterfall in Caribbean 272 feet

Salto de la Jalda National Park

Hike or Horses Riding.

አጠቃላይ እይታ

ይህ የግል ጉብኝት ነው። Salto de la Jalda Waterfalls with Horse riding or Hiking. Visiting cacao and Coffe forest under Coconuts Palms Canopy. When you arrive at the Waterfalls you are allowed to swim and Set the time with your Local Guide.

ከአካባቢው ነዋሪዎች ጋር ይማሩ እና ደህንነቱ የተጠበቀ ጉዞ ያግኙ። ትኬቶችዎን ዛሬ በቅናሽ ያግኙ።


  • Horse Riding or Hiking
  • መመሪያው መመሪያዎችን እና ቁጥጥርን ያቀርባል
  • ለብሔራዊ ፓርክ ክፍያዎች


ማካተት እና ማግለያዎች



  1. የእግር ጉዞ ወይም የፈረስ ግልቢያ ጉብኝት
  2. ሁሉም ግብሮች፣ ክፍያዎች እና የአያያዝ ክፍያዎች
  3. የአካባቢ ግብሮች
  4. መጠጦች
  5. ሁሉም እንቅስቃሴዎች
  6. የአካባቢ መመሪያ


  1. ስጦታዎች
  2. ማስተላለፍ
  3. ምሳ
  4. የአልኮል መጠጦች


መነሳት እና መመለስ

ተጓዡ ከቦታ ማስያዝ ሂደት በኋላ የመሰብሰቢያ ነጥብ ያገኛል። በመሰብሰቢያ ነጥቦቻችን ውስጥ ጉብኝቶች ተጀምረው ይጠናቀቃሉ።


Hike Salto de la Jalda National Park

ምን ይጠበቃል?

ቲኬቶችዎን ያግኙ for visiting The Highest Waterfalls in the Caribean.  El Salto la Jalda Hiking al horse riding.

በ"ቦታ ማስያዝ አድቬንቸር" የተዘጋጀው ጉብኝቱ የሚጀምረው ከጉብኝት መመሪያ ጋር በተቀመጠው የመሰብሰቢያ ቦታ ነው። To start our tour, we meet in ሳባና ዴ ላ ማር. Then we get into the vehicle we drive 25 min to Magua Community. Where we will meet our local hiking guides. Living your vehicle in a safe parking place, we go on horse riding or on foot to the National Park Salto de La Jalda, with a time of three hours to arrive there.

The path consists of 6.5 kilometers,  it is a long experience through the Dominican Forest, Passing by Cacaos, Coconuts, and Coffe forest.  In our full trip, we will be passing near the Magua River and crossing it about 8 times without much difficulty.

Almost the entire trail has the shade of a large amount of cacao forest planted before the area is declared Salto de La Jalda National Park. In this first part of the ecotourism adventure, you can enjoy the song of the birds, the sound of water flow currents, the mostly flat terrain and all the green vegetation.

Apart from the cocoa in the land of the National Park of La Jalda, you can also see coffee plantations. Almost arriving at the waterfall we stop by the park rangers houses native to the town of Magua, assigned to the National Park of Jalda. There you can take a short break, from where you can see in a general amazing view of the Salto de La Jalda.

We will continue until the waterfalls. swimming there and after a few hours getting back to the vehicle through the same trail. This is an extreme adventure. Please if you have not conditions for hiking you need to take the horse riding.


ምን ማምጣት አለቦት?

  • ካሜራ
  • የሚያጸድቁ እምቡጦች
  • የፀሐይ ክሬም
  • ኮፍያ
  • ምቹ ሱሪዎች
  • ለጫካ የእግር ጉዞ ጫማዎች
  • የመዋኛ ልብስ
  • Extra Waterbottle
  • Lunch or snacks


ሆቴል ማንሳት

ሆቴል መውሰድ ለዚህ ጉብኝት አይሰጥም።


ማስታወሻ: ከጉብኝቱ/የሽርሽር መነሻ ጊዜ በ24 ሰአታት ውስጥ ቦታ ካስያዙ፣ሆቴል ለመውሰድ ተጨማሪ ክፍያዎችን እናዘጋጃለን። አንዴ ግዢዎ እንደተጠናቀቀ፣ የመቀበያ ዝግጅቶችን ለማደራጀት ለአካባቢያችን የቱሪዝም መመሪያ የተሟላ የመገኛ አድራሻ (ስልክ ቁጥር፣ ኢሜይል አድራሻ፣ ወዘተ) እንልክልዎታለን።

ተጨማሪ መረጃ ማረጋገጫ

  1. ትኬቶች ይህንን ጉብኝት ከከፈሉ በኋላ ደረሰኝ ናቸው። ክፍያውን በስልክዎ ላይ ማሳየት ይችላሉ።
  2. የስብሰባ ነጥብ ከቦታ ማስያዝ ሂደት በኋላ ይቀበላል።
  3. ልጆች ከትልቅ ሰው ጋር መያያዝ አለባቸው.
  4. በተሽከርካሪ ወንበር ተደራሽ አይደለም።
  5. Not Infants for this trip are allowed
  6. የጀርባ ችግር ላለባቸው መንገደኞች አይመከርም
  7. ለነፍሰ ጡር ተጓዦች አይመከርም
  8. ምንም የልብ ችግሮች ወይም ሌሎች ከባድ የጤና ሁኔታዎች
  9. አብዛኞቹ ተጓዦች መሳተፍ ይችላሉ።

የስረዛ መመሪያ

For cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience. Please read our cancelations policies. 


የቦታ ማስያዝ ጀብዱዎች

የአካባቢው ነዋሪዎች እና ዜግነት ያላቸው የጉብኝት መመሪያዎች እና የእንግዳ አገልግሎቶች

የተያዙ ቦታዎች፡ በዶም ውስጥ ጉብኝቶች እና ጉዞዎች። ሪፐብሊክ

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📩 reservabatour@gmail.com

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