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Caiac a Los Haitises + Excursió en vaixell + Coves i bany a la platja privada (tot en un).

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Tipus de viatge:
Eco tour, learn about Nature of Dominican Republic, Kayaking + Boat Trip + Caves and Swimming Beach in Los Haitises National Park
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Mínim 2 Màxim 35


Kayaking + Boat Trip + Caves and Swimming Beach ( All in One). Los Haitises National Park with a Local Tour guide from Sabana de la Mar. Visiting the Rain forest, Small Private Beach, Coconut, coffee, and Cacao areas. Learning about the original history from Los Haitises National Park.


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Los Haitises National Park:

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Escape the city to immerse yourself in the ecotourism of the province of Hato Mayor, the first ecotourism province of the Dominican Republic. Come with us and enjoy the fresh waters of one of the unexplored beaches of Los Haitises, where San Lorenzo Bay is located. The place is accessible by boat, surrounded by rainforest and mangrove forest. While you are navigating you will get in contact with nature and the unforgettable landscape of this national park. This tour will be a mix of kayaking, boating, visiting one cave, and swimming in one of the most important national parks of the country, here is the majority of the Biodiversity of the island, and the second-largest mangrove forest with more than 98 km2. 


Our local and expert staff will make sure you really get to know the Tainos culture, their history in Los Haitises, and their connection with nature. This tour is in ecotourism mode where the community gets to play a very important role, they are guides, captain boats, and drivers.


Booking Adventure’s priority is to make sure you get the best of the best, from the moment you buy the ticket until you finish your trip. Our tours are focused on environmental education, adventure, and local history and during this trip, you’ll get to see a little bit of everything. 

Inclusions i exclusions

  • Boat and Captain 
  • Kayaks 
  • Snacks, (water, fruits, Sandwiches, and soda)
  • Tots els impostos, taxes i despeses de gestió
  • Impostos locals
  • Funcionaris guies turístics ecologistes anglès/espanyol
  • Swimming Natural Pools and unexplored Beach 
  • One Cave 




  • Propostes
  • Beguda
  • Transferència 


Sortida i tornada


The tour, organized by “Booking Adventures” starts at the meeting point set with the Tour Guide or Staff member. The traveler will get a meeting point after the Reservation Process. Tours start and Finish at our meeting points.

Los Haitises Kayaking + Boat Trip + Caves and Swimming Beach ( All in One).

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Get your ticket for the Eco-Adventure Tour Los Haitises National Park All In One 


This Excursion starts from a meeting point you must confirm with our travel Agents or your Tour Guide before heading to any location. Once you meet your guide you’ll have a debrief of the tour and everything related to your day.


When everyone is ready and we pick up the kayaks we will head to the first location which is Playita Las Almejas where natural pools are, while we navigate through the mangrove forest and coat of San Lorenzo Bay we will share with you stories about Los Haitises, Geology and go over the mangroves species with having around San Lorenzo Bay. 


As we arrive at the first location you should get your swimsuit ready to go on your kayak and paddle to the Cave of the line with your tour guide, the rest of the staff will wait for you until you finish the first part of the activity.


During this part of your trip, you will be able to go around the Old Las Perlas Port which is one of the first structures built by Europeans in the area, about 1866, and this was connected with a train line that was the transportation for the coffee, bananas and everything this group of European was farming in what is today Los Haitises. 


In the cave you will visit there are more than 1200 pictographs painted by the Tainos, this was a way to express themselves, and today these pieces of art tell us stories we never thought we would find nowadays. When you finish here we will head back to Playa de las Almejas for snacks and swimming time. 


After swimming at the natural pool we are going to go back to the main port in Cano Hondo area, this is a 5 hours tour that gives you the opportunity to oversee most of Sabana de la Mar and Los Haitises National Park,  this excursion ends in the same place as it started.


Nota: Aquestes visites són amb guies turístics oficials ecologistes. Reserveu amb temps perquè al parc no hi ha massa especialistes.


What should you bring?
  • Càmera
  • Bug Spray 
  • Crema per al sol
  • Pantalons còmodes
  • Sabatilles d'esport
  • Rain Jacket 
  • Swimsuit 
  • Tovallola 

Recollida a l'hotel

Hotel pick-up is not offered for this tour. Just if you are in Cano Hondo Hotel or Hotels in Sabana de la mar area.

Nota: Si feu la reserva dins de les 24 hores posteriors a l'hora de sortida del tour o de l'excursió, podem organitzar la recollida a l'hotel amb càrrecs addicionals des de qualsevol lloc de la República Dominicana. Un cop completada la compra, us enviarem la informació de contacte completa (número de telèfon, adreça de correu electrònic, etc.) perquè el nostre guia local organitzi la recollida.

Confirmació d'informació addicional

  1. Les entrades són el Rebut després de pagar aquest Tour. Podeu mostrar el pagament al vostre telèfon.
  2. El punt de trobada es rebrà després del procés de reserva.
  3. Els nens han d'anar acompanyats d'un adult.
  4. No accessible amb cadira de rodes
  5. Els nadons han de seure a les faldes
  6. No recomanat per a viatgers amb problemes d'esquena
  7. No recomanat per a viatgers embarassades
  8. Sense problemes cardíacs ni altres afeccions mèdiques greus
  9. Hi poden participar la majoria de viatgers

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Per obtenir un reemborsament complet, cancel·leu almenys 24 hores abans de la data d'inici de l'experiència. Els fons es perdran si la reserva es cancel·la el mateix dia del viatge.

( All in One )

Los Haitises Kayaking + Boat Trip + Caves and Swimming Beach

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