Las 7 Playas Escondidas de Samaná – 山美纳的 7 个隐藏海滩


Si está visitando Samaná y le gustaría tener una verdadera experiencia local haciendo senderismo, un viaje en barco más un almuerzo en la playa de Rincón, este es el viaje que necesita hacer. Visite las 7 playas escondidas de Samaná en el área de Las Galeras, donde también puede visitar una cueva y tomar excelentes videos o fotos para recuerdos increíbles.

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Playa Rincón、Playa Fronton + Playa Madame 海滩,山美纳 - 多米尼加共和国。

Playa Caletón, Playa Escondida, Playa Colorado, Playa del Amor, Playa La Vaca, Playa la Playita Playa Bremán.


One of the most beautiful excursions on the Samaná’s peninsula.

The 7 hidden beaches in Samaná, located in the Samaná Peninsula and keep beautiful secrets of history, and also knowing these places we contribute to the local economy that is vital for the subsistence of a people.

Enter the unique atmosphere by visiting 7 beaches on the boat, Also Hiking in one small cave on the coast. Some beaches are only reachable by boat surrounded by a coral reef around which you can snorkel, swim with fishes and discover its corals and relax and enjoy the amazing scenery. Relaxing, swimming, and then departure to Playa colorado, another and isolated perfect beach for snorkeling, where you can also visit a cave and take great videos or Photos for awesome memories.

You will have lunch with your toes in the sand to the sound of Merengue and Bachata at “El Paraiso” – The last restaurant before the jungle – where you will be served a complete meal including a fish dish, accompanied by local drinks and cocktails. On the way back we will stop at El Rincon Beach, here you will find a natural pearl that is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The white, fine sand, the turquoise sea, and the meter-high palm trees speak for themselves.


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  • Boat ride
  • Local Tour Guide in Spanish, English, or French.
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  1. 具有该地区安全经验的本地向导。
  2. 埃尔林康海滩
  3. Colorado Beach
  4. La Playita Beach
  5. La Vaca Beach
  6. Breman Beach
  7. Mariano Beach
  8. Caleton Beach
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Playa Caletón, Playa Escondida, Playa Colorado, Playa del Amor, Playa La Vaca, Playa la Playita Playa Bremán.


获取门票 for Visiting 7 of the most unique beaches around the Dominican Republic.  The starting trip meeting point is in the Las Galeras area hiking and Swimming in one day 7 Beaches plus el Rincon beach.  First, we visit the Duarte Cave, hiking, and see the most beautiful cave in las Galeras. This cave has 900 meters, with 2 different entrances to avoid repeating the same scenery.

After visiting the cave we go back to the speed boat to visit Playa Caleton, this is one of the most mention beaches in Samana because of the clear waters. We will swim en enjoy this beach first to continue our trip by Playa del Amor.

playa 7

Playa Rincón is an unspoiled strip of white sand that stretches for about 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) along an undeveloped part of the coast. Fringed by a border of coconut palms and enclosed by mountain and cliff peaks at both ends, this secluded beach feels like a true utopia, cut off from civilization.

After El Rincon beach we will be back on the speed boat to Las Galeras meeting point!

The tour, organized by “Booking Adventures” starts at the meeting point set with our Tour Guide. Come with Booking Adventures and have lunch at the beach and enjoy the 7 most amazing beaches in Samana, Dominican Republic.



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请注意: If you are booking within 24 hours of the tour/Excursion departure time, we can arrange hotel pick-up with extra cost. We just pick it up in the Samana area. Once your purchase is complete, we will send you complete contact information (phone number, email address, etc.) for our local Tour guide to organize pick-up arrangements.


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Boca del diablo and Fronton beach



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